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Lavelle & Finn, LLP has thrived by taking an individualized approach to working with our clients and building our firm. Our clients benefit from our high-touch atmosphere and enjoy having the members of our team know who they are and truly care about their individual needs. Our team has the right mix of attorneys, paralegals and administrative staff, providing our clients with expertise, knowledge and experience without massive overhead or international affiliates pushing us to provide esoteric specialties. We understand and respond to our clients’ needs and ensure each step of the process is dedicated to protecting their families and their wealth.

We know our clients expect excellence, but come to us to reduce their financial burden, not to increase it. Lavelle & Finn, LLP has succeeded because of our ability to combine creativity in complex legal matters with superb business acumen and financial analysis. We work tirelessly to ensure our ideas are ahead of the curve. At the same time, we are constantly analyzing our processes and procedures to maximize efficiency. We believe that timely service and reasonable fees make us stand out among our peers.

Our practice deals with sensitive, personal information, and our clients can rest assured that we strictly and carefully preserve client confidentiality. For both our profession overall and our firm, confidentiality is a hallmark of our work. From the briefest conversations held with our attorneys to work papers and memos, every document and communication with us is kept strictly confidential.

We are legal professionals and trusted advisors. Many of our clients work with our team proactively to determine the tax implications of proposed transactions or business decisions. We are happy to provide advice on the financial implications of business formation and restructuring, partnership and shareholder agreements, real estate transactions, wealth preservation and trust planning.

We succeed when our clients succeed. We work to understand our clients’ individual needs and goals, and aid them in achieving their dreams of building their businesses and providing for their families. It is truly an honor to serve our clients.

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What does Lavelle & Finn, LLP do?
You can rely on us for a specific array of services, including

  • Estate planning
  • Elder & Tax Law
  • Business Transactions
  • Trust & Estate Administration

  • Our ultimate goal is to deliver services that protect you, your family, your wealth and secure the future for you and your loved ones. From wills to trusts to advice on business formation and transactions, our team of dedicated professionals is capable of providing you with sound counsel and peace of mind at any stage of life.
    Why Lavelle & Finn, LLP?
    We know you do not want cut-and-dried legal advice; you want to work with professionals who are dedicated to providing individualized service and understand your personal and professional needs. You can count on Lavelle & Finn, LLP.

    And, best of all, we provide legal services at a reasonable cost.
    Lawyers can be expensive. How do I know I am getting my money’s worth at Lavelle & Finn, LLP?
    Come and meet with us. Our clients are regularly amazed at big picture savings we are able to show them. We are confident that you will feel you and your family are in the right hands. When you factor in the tax-savings alone, we like to think we never cost our clients anything.
    How much wealth do I have to have to benefit from meeting with Lavelle & Finn, LLP?
    People in all different circumstances have benefited from our services and expert counsel.

    For example, people of relatively modest means may have a house and some savings that they would like to protect in the event that nursing home or other long-term care is needed. We can show you options for protecting your assets and providing an inheritance to your family.

    Some other examples from our estate-planning practice:

    For young couples with children, protecting assets for the benefit of the children in case of a mutual disaster is extremely important.

    For people beginning to accumulate wealth, proper organization at an early age can delay and sometimes avoid future estate tax problems, and minimize income taxes along the way.

    For individuals and couples with more than $1 million in wealth, estate tax reduction and proper planning can reduce your family’s exposure to death taxes.

    Overall, the cost of these services is usually a very small portion of the savings and protection that the services can create for you and your family.

    TEAM L&F Attorneys
    Chief Operating Officer
    Mary K. Ibbetson, Chief Operating Officer  
    Administrative Staff
    Carol A. Allison, Accounts Payable/Tax Coordinator  
    Cathy A. Beebe, Administrative Assistant  
    Jean M. Butensky, Office Manager  
    Ronda E. Farley, Administrative Assistant  
    David E. Getman, Receptionist  
    Kristin K. Gordon, Executive Assistant