Monthly Archives: December 2016

When Can You Delay Taking Medicare?

While you are eligible to apply for Medicare when you are 65, there are circumstances where you might not want to, particularly if you are working full time for a larger employer or contributing to a health savings account. However, there can be penalties if you don’t sign up at […]

Seeking a Stable Retirement

Anecdotally, retirement finances formerly were based on a “three-legged stool.” After people stopped working and no longer had earned income, their cash flow would come from Social Security, personal savings, and a pension from a former employer. This pension would have been a traditional defined benefit plan, paid out for […]

Foreign Stock Funds Can Be Doubly Taxing

Many U.S. investors hold foreign stocks. One of many advantages to holding foreign stocks is diversification because some foreign companies might outperform domestic stocks in bear markets. Some foreign countries, especially those in the developing world, are posting stronger economic growth than the American numbers. What’s more, virtually every sizable […]

Automatic Enrollment Retirement Plans

Some states have passed laws requiring employers, including many small businesses, to offer retirement plans to employees. Other states may follow in the coming years, with some form of a mandate. Often, these rules have an automatic enrollment feature. Automatic enrollment plans may offer advantages to business owners, even if […]